Travis Brown Official

"Raising the Standard,
               Changing the Status Quo"


Genre: Crime Drama

Running Time: 90 minutes 

Status: Post-Production

Release Date: Fall 2017 

Logline: After barricading himself in his house, a man spends an evening talking with the ghosts of his late family as he waits to be apprehended for murdering the man who killed them.

TitleThe Norwalk Witness (Feature Film)

Genre: Action/Thriller 

Running Time: 90 minutes

Status: Pre-Production

Release Date: March 2018

Logline: When the daughter of an elite black ops solider is brutally murdered he takes matters into his own hands before seeking a more subtle life off the grid.  

Title: The Norwalk Witness (Short Film)

Genre: Action/Thriller 

Running Time: 22 minutes

Status: Complete (Festivals; spin-off into a Feature Film)

Release Date: March 24, 2017

Logline:  An aspiring actor's life takes a drastic turn after witnessing a high-profile murder.

Title: Save the Queen

Genre: Suspense/Drama (Short Film)

Running Time: 25 minutes

Status: Pre-Production

Release Date: Fall 2017

Logline:  Sadik is in a race against time to save the one he loves from a suicide attempt.  

Title: Woe is Me

Genre: Drama (Short Film)

Running Time: 30 minutes

Status: In development

Release Date: TBD

Logline: Rich Browne estranges himself from the outside world after his beloved wife mysteriously disappears.  When he receives a random voicemail from his long lost middle-school sweetheart, his mundane life takes on a whole new meaning.

Title: Super Intelligence

Genre: Suspense/Drama (Feature Film)

Running Time: 110 minutes

Status: Pre-Production

Release Date: TBD

Logline: When Theo Greenfield is recruited by “Super Intelligence,” a top-secret Government program, he gets accused for the deaths of 53 innocent people. When the story gets leaked to the press, Sid Stone, an ambitious young reporter, sets out to uncover the truth.